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NomadClip Carabiner Cable

Clip Syncing

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  • A rugged charging cable that's designed to fit around your life
  • Made from durable engineering-grade polycarbonate
  • The first carabiner with a built-in charging cable
  • Choose from a Lightning cable or Micro USB
When you treat yourself to a new charging cable, there tends to be a natural progression from your standard fare to a more portable keyring-style cable. But where most of these handy cables fall down is that they're exposed to the elements, so they get ruffed up a bit and break over time. Not the Nomadclip Carabiner Cable.

Made from a combination of durable engineering-grade polycarbonate and reinforced stainless steel, this is a dependable cable that's designed to fit around your lifestyle. Like all self-respecting cable solutions it comes in both Lightning and Micro USB varieties so you can charge and sync your devices, whatever your technological allegiances.

Its clever carabiner form-factor makes it super versatile so you don't have to go making extra room for it, nor will you spend precious hours digging around for it – it'll always be there, clipped-on, ready whenever you need it.

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  • "Nice and sturdy; a little bulkier that I was expecting, but a nice dual-use item."
    Ian - 17th of April, 2015