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Nomad Brush
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Nomad Brush

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    The iPad. Touchy, tappy, swipey tablet of wonder. But this groundbreaking gadget’s touchscreen can do more than just follow your finger. Did you know, for instance, that it can track and digitally reproduce the touch of a paintbrush? Not any paintbrush, mind, but with the right equipment (and some clever apps) you can actually paint with your iPad. Well the Nomad Brush is just such a bit of kit.

    New compose tip

    The new Glide Bevel Tip on every Nomad Brush

    Nomad Brush

    Detachable tips

    Painting with the Nomad Brush

    Start your Monet masterpiece

    Different sizes

    Short (1cm) or Long (1.75cm) brush available

    Made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres, the soft bristles are a joy to use on the iPad’s responsive screen. Whether you use a feather-light touch, or daub it on thick, they won’t leave a mark or a scratch. With an aluminium handle the Nomad is also comfortable and cool in the hand. It’s as easy as using real-world creative tools and the best part – there’s no mess to tidy up afterwards!

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