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  • Nobby


Waking up next to a monster has never been such fun!

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    Some physicists claim that time is an abstract concept - which is just as well because so is Nobby! And who on earth is Nobby, you ask? Well, until he arrived here at Firebox House, we're not entirely sure Nobby was on earth at all - he looks so peculiar he may well be an alien. This cute, pale blue thingamabob obviously hails from the same universe that produced similarly amorphous creatures such as Zippy, Barbapapa and The Blob. The difference is, Nobby is ultra intelligent, sings, talks, recognizes your voice, wakes you up and tells the time when asked. In fact the minute you insert Nobby's batteries he'll greet you with a light hearted response. In time mode he'll tell you the time whenever you ask, but switch him to voice recognition mode and you can tell him what time you'd like to be woken up.

    Nobby will even repeat the time back to you to confirm - it's just like having a hotel wake-up service, only Nobby never forgets to holler. As well as beeping to wake you up, Nobby also chats away in his bizarre street-alien banter. All you have to do to shut him up is give him a shake or say "alarm off".

    If you're feeling lonely, you can chat to Nobby all day (although we'd recommend you get some real friends first). This clever little chap responds to your voice, particularly if you say his name, and will even reply to six of your questions or commands with a variety of cheeky answers. But just because he's cute, don't expect Nobby's comments to be flattering all the time - he could well respond with an insolent "Bleurgh!"

    As well as making a great bedside companion Nobby will also cause consternation and delight living on your desk. The fact that he often blurts things out randomly means he's ideal for workers who get a little lonely during the day. Just make sure the boss doesn't catch you conversing with this odd-looking monster, as Nobby may not respond at all if he's feeling moody. Try explaining that to Human Resources.

    Nobby can be plugged into the mains with the included AC adaptor or requires 3 x AA batteries should you wish to range further afield. Wherever you choose to put Nobby, we guarantee you'll be smitten. He's the cutest, mouthiest, tick-talkin'-ist little timepiece on the planet.

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