No Rinse Festival Pack
  • No Rinse Festival Pack

No Rinse Festival Pack

Go and Wash

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    If you’ve been to festivals before then you’ll know that trying to have a wash just isn’t worth the effort. Too many people all with the same idea and facilities so undignified they’d make a tramp blush – better to just push on through to Monday, right? Wrong!

    With the No Rinse Festival Pack you can do the honours from inside your own tent! As the name suggests you don’t need soap, a basin, thick suds or a loofah. Instead, just apply the No Rinse liquid directly to your body to lift the dirt from your hair and skin – ready to be removed with a dry towel. It’s simple, quick, hygienic and convenient. And you won’t be left with a soggy sleeping bag. The only downside? Having to smell everyone else (sorry).

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