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No Pressure Coffee Dripper
  • No Pressure Coffee Dripper
  • No Pressure Coffee Dripper

No Pressure Coffee Dripper

Drop by drop, no pressure

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  • Enjoy the best tasting coffee with the least possible effort
  • Drip method preserves the unique tastes and aroma of the coffee
  • Sits comfortably atop most mugs and cups
  • Made from ceramic and styled like a classic Bialetti espresso pot


When it comes to making a great coffee – realistically, what are your options?
  • Classic French Press – a pain to clean and the coffee tastes like posh mud
  • £2000 De'Longhi Coffee machine – no thanks
  • Italian Stove-top – who wants to fire up the hob every time they want to make a coffee?
There is another way – the No Pressure Coffee Dripper. Whether the makers intended it or not, the "no pressure" part refers both to how the coffee is filtered and how relaxing the entire coffee-making process is.

Just sit it on your favourite mug, pop a paper filter in the top, add your coffee grounds and pour in some hot water. Then just sit back and let it casually drip through to create a perfectly-flavoured cup of coffee.


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