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No Limits Texas Hold'em Poker
  • No Limits Texas Hold'em Poker

No Limits Texas Hold'em Poker

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    The whole world has gone poker crazy lately: celebrity tournaments, online syndicates, TV specials. It's a far cry from the days when this cut-throat card game conjured images of whisky-totin' cowboys, 'funny how?' wiseguys and dodgy oiks down the Walford Café.

    Nowadays you don't even have to be a scoundrel to enjoy a few straight flushes. But you do need a deck of cards, a bunch of mates and a pile of chips. Or do you? Well no, not if buy the ingenious WPT-licensed No Limit Texas Hold'em electronic game.

    No Limits Texas Hold'em Perfect for roving poker fans, this supremely portable handheld gizmo allows you to mix it with the high rollers whenever and wherever you fancy. And you won't have to sink a single shot of bourbon, don a daft green visor or even shuffle any cards. Well you could, but you'd look pretty stupid doing it on the 7.15 from Paddington.

    No Limits Texas Hold'em Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display, nifty sound FX and buttons to bank, deal, fold, bet, check and raise, No Limit Texas Hold'em is almost as much fun as flying to Vegas and having Sharon Stone blow on your dice. The difference is, this pocket-sized game allows you to risk everything in a succession of nail biting virtual showdowns without having to worry about any head-in-a-vice-style reprisals.

    Better still each virtual opponent has a unique playing style, so each game is totally unpredictable. And as tables shut down, only high rollers will survive and make it through to the final showdown. With over 200 opponents and countless permutations of play, No Limit Texas Hold'em is a superb hour cruncher on long journeys. What's more, its big screen display means you won't have to scrunch up your best poker face in order to keep up with the fast-paced action. So get ordering pronto, because in terms of unputdownable handheld entertainment, this is a sure-fire bet.

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