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    We loved the sound of this game before we even clapped eyes on it. Because let's face it, 'Nitro BattlerZ' sounds like one of those Dolph Lundgren-style movies set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future where macho blokes called Snake and Dutch drive around in beaten-up speed machines wearing fingerless leather gloves and black string vests à la an 80s metal band.

    Nitro BattlerZ On second thoughts, maybe that's not such a good thing. Thankfully Nitro BattlerZ is far from old-fashioned. In fact, this thrilling game of speed and skill is seriously futuristic - in a sort of Mad Max meets Rollerball meets Wipeout on the PS2 kind of way.

    Using a dinky little RC unit, players must race around the wall-of-death-style NitroDome and attempt to bash opponents off the track. Yes, we know that sounds easier than finding a Van Damme movie in the bargain bucket but it's not. That's because the manic racers rocket around the NitroDome at 60rpm, so each dizzying duel is enough to make your head, stomach and just about everything else spin!

    Nitro BattlerZ Better still you can use your car's intense speed burst (or NitroBoost function) to smash other cars out of the NitroDome. Simply hit the button on your controller and stand back! Timing your speed bursts is key to victory, especially as vehicles can ride the outer rail, hug the inner circle and tail-grab other cars. If only real racing was this exhilarating!

    Nitro BattlerZ

    Nitro BattlerZ Each high-speed vehicle comes complete with 4 interchangeable armour sets and a funky sticker sheet, so you can customise your drive every time you enter the arena. It's all so futuristic and relentlessly confrontational you might want to crack your biker's jacket out of the loft, stop shaving and give yourself a suitably tough pseudonym. Of course, we would never get swept away by such foolishness, despite the furious brilliance of Nitro BattlerZ. Now if you'll excuse us we're off to watch Butch Skystalker versus Trent Dynamo in the Firebox Nitro BattlerZ Grand Finale.

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