Nite Glowring
  • Nite Glowring

Nite Glowring

How very illuminating

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     Red Nite Glowring in hand

    Nifty Keyring

    Of course, everyone knows that laser-sealed borosilicate glass vials that are internally coated with phosphor will create a cold energy that produces a light source when injected with gaseous tritium. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

    The manufacturers of our Glowrings, who produce military equipment and other need-to-see-at-night items, have taken this everyday nugget of basic science and made it their business.

    Green Nite Glowring

    Glows in the dark!

    A Glowring is small enough and tough enough to attach to anything you might need to use in the dark, a bunch of keys being the most obvious. But because they can glow for a few years, you can leave them hanging off things that only come out once in a while like fishing gear and camping equipment. It does have to be pretty dark to see the glow, but that's the point.

    Green, Blue and Red Nite Glowring

    Available in Blue, Red or green

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