Nintendo DS Mario Cover
  • Nintendo DS Mario Cover

Nintendo DS Mario Cover

Did someone call for a plumber?

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    Mario on top of the stylus

    We wouldn’t go out in the snow without a bobble hat. We wouldn’t go swimming without a cossie. And we wouldn’t go to a party without our lucky pants. So when it comes to stomping around the Mushroom Kingdom we won’t budge an inch without a tried and tested set of plumber’s overalls. And neither should you.

    Thankfully, there’s now a way for every Nintendo adventurer to kit themselves out properly. The Nintendo DS Mario Cover is a great way to protect your precious gadget, while looking every bit the goomba-stomping, koopa-clobbering, Princess-saving hero.

    Decked in Mario’s classic red and blue overalls, this officially licensed cover is ideal for protecting your 3DS, DSi or DSL on the move. It even comes with a unique Mario stylus to watch over you while you’re playing.

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