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Ninja Plush
  • Ninja Plush

Ninja Plush

Squeezy assassins

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    They may look like big softies but Ninja Plush are in fact highly disciplined and ruthless assassins. Well... sort of. Trained in all manner of ancient techniques from ‘Stealth Hugs’ to the vicious ‘Nubs of Tickle Fury’ (or so we’re told) they’re not to be trifled with. Then again, at only 9” tall they’re probably not even a match for a stiff breeze.

    So spare their warrior pride and take them into your home. There are three to collect: Wee Ninja, Geeky Ninja and Wee Devil. We’re not sure what the relationship is between this unlikely trio, but you can find out more by delving into the thoroughly rounded (and rather absorbing) online world of Shawnimals. Hee-ya!

    geek ninja wee devil

    Geek Ninja

    Wee Devil

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