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Ninja Mug

One shogun or two?

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  • Enjoy tea like a ruthless assassin
  • Black insulating mask to conceal its identity
  • Armed with a deadly spoon sword
  • Leave no trace with the ceramic Shuriken coaster


After a long day of sneaking around feudal Japan, carrying out a series of merciless assassinations, Ninjas love to kick back with a hot drink. Nothing caps off a professional killing spree like a steaming cup of herbal tea. They enjoy a good bit of espionage as much as they like a warm espresso, masters of both infiltration and coffee filtration.

In their line of work they can leave no trace and that means absolutely no ring marks. So what better vessel to stealthily sip their brews from than this Ninja Mug. Shrouded in a black insulating mask to conceal its identity and armed to the teeth with a spoon sword and Shuriken coaster – it'll happily skulk in the shadows of your cupboard until its next assignment.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Wonderful gift for ninja lovers everywhere. The mug warmer even has a little pocket at the back to hold the spoon! Adorable."
    Helen - 5th of March, 2016
  • "Fantastic little mug, makes my computer desk at least 120% cooler!"
    Alex - 10th of July, 2015