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    Nikko Camera Car

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      History is littered with classic ideas which, when fused together, became much greater than the sum of their parts: Gin and Tonic, Strawberries and Cream, Cannon and Ball.

      OK, so it doesn't always work, but in this particular case the combination of a radio controlled car and a video camera is definitely one of those inventions that the world has been waiting for... and it has now arrived in the form of the world's first Camera Car from R/C giant Nikko.

      An on-board camera mounted behind the windscreen of the 1:16 scale Peugeot 206 World Rally Car transmits a live driver-eye view back to the 2.2 inch colour monitor housed in the transmitter - so you can skillfully negotiate obstacles even when you're out of line of sight. How spytastic is that? If it were any more James Bond-esque, we'd have to chuck in a Walther PPK, a white pussy and a bog-ugly bloke with metal gnashers.

      The fun one can have with this ingenious little baby is, quite frankly, off the Firebox fun scale. Not only do you get a mouse-eye view of your home or office, you also get to see who's stepped in what, the ladder in Lorraine from accountings tights and that stain in the carpet over by the boss's desk. Better still, you get to experience rally driving as if you were actually behind the wheel. It's a bit like living out your own Honey I Shrunk the Kids fantasies, minus Rick Moranis and a glut of irritating American kids.

      Drivers planning on nocturnal reconnaissance missions will be pleased to hear that the Nikko Camera Car also comes fitted with bright "Xenon" headlights which are activated by a switch on the radio control transmitter and ensure you can still see where you're going after the lights go out.

      We should stress that the Camera Car isn't going to win any races against its video-challenged cousins - although there are two speed settings, makers Nikko have sacrified speed to ensure maximum control... And let's face it, you wouldn't want to get distracted by the screen content and crash into a stray table leg.

      The body of the Camera Car is accurately modelled on a Peugeot 206 World Rally Car, so it looks as cool as it acts. This 1/16 scale technological triumph features front and rear suspension and is super-responsive. In fact, it's a dream to drive - which is just as well when you're having to reverse out of a toilet stall at high speed whilst being pursued by a man with his trousers round his ankles (sorry boss).

      So there you have it - a radio controlled car fitted with a wireless videocam. Genius. This really is the perfect prezzie for the fast, furious and unhealthily curious!

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