Nicetex Vertical CD System - 25% off!

    Nicetex Vertical CD System - 25% off!

    Space saving designer CD system that looks as good as it sounds!

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      As newfangled musical storage formats continue to slug it out in the ongoing battle to obsolete one other, it's reassuring to know that Compact Disc is still the format to beat. Because despite the myriad advantages of MP3 and MD most of us still rely upon a mountain of CDs to give us our daily musical fix.

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      So what's the best thing to play the shiny little blighters on we hear you ask? Well, seeing as you've probably already got a très flash music making machine somewhere in your pad, weÂ’ve been busy looking for a sleek and sophisticated backup system with that all-important Firebox twist. And by jove, we think we've found it!

      main unit

      The Nicetex NE393 Vertical CD System is a seriously stylish bit of kit that looks as good as it sounds, is wall-mountable, and has more amazing features than the National Enquirer and Sunday Sport put together. Boasting freestanding speakers, a funky backlit LCD display, AM/FM radio, 20 preset stations, digital radio alarm with snooze, 12/24 hour clock display, multifunction remote, touch-open CD door, auto search, and even a temperature function, the Nicetex represents astounding value for money.

      door open

      What's more, with its slimline vertical styling, the NE393 will grace any surface in your home without taking up tons of room. As well as looking like it could well have been purloined from Captain Picard's cabin, the Nicetex sounds incredible. Considering its svelte dimensions and price, this elegant sliver of circuitry produces audio dynamite that puts comparable machines to shame.

      backlit display

      In fact, our testers claim the NE393 makes One True Voice sound like Radiohead (well, sort of), so just imagine how brutal your latest Ibeefa club choons will sound pumping out of this elegant little beast. All things considered, at under £100, we think getting hold of a Nicetex is a complete no brainer!

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