New Zealand Goodies Box
  • New Zealand Goodies Box

New Zealand Goodies Box

Like our snacks, but upside down

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    • Description

      Close up of the Space Man candie sticks

      Space Man candy sticks!

      There are other countries in the world better known for snacking between meals – naming no names. But we’ve definitely got the hang of it. In fact, England could easily be defined by our stoic indigenous biscuits: the rich tea, the jaffa cake, the custard cream, the marshmallow teacake... we could go on.

      But as it turns out, the rest of the world has been busy catching up. Just look at the New Zealand Goodies Box. Jam-packed with sweet treats and savoury snacks from the other side of the planet, this enticing gift basket has all sorts of goodies we’ve never even heard of!

      So the next time you get that 11 O’clock itch for something tasty, why not grab yourself some Pineapple Lumps, a Whittakers Slab, a Moro Bar, or a Mighty Perky Nana (no giggling at the back). These delicious treats have been doing a fine job on the other side of the world for years, maybe it’s time we gave them a try – or at least use them for snacking between our between-meals-snacks. Take that, USA!
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