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New Zealand Chocolate Box
  • New Zealand Chocolate Box

New Zealand Chocolate Box

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      What are these?!

      Here in England we’re pretty lucky to have the finest chocolate bars in the world. As we all know, chocolate from any other country is inferior and tastes like socks. Right? Well... actually, no. As it happens the rest of the world has been getting on very well without our beloved British brands.

      We were just as shocked and dismayed as you are, but just look at the New Zealand Chocolate Box. Crammed with sweet treats and choccy delights we’ve never even heard of, this eye-opening collection makes a great change from the usual selection box. Grab yourself a Buzz Bar, Chocolate Fish, Whittaker’s Peanut Slab, or even a Mighty Perky Nana (no giggling at the back). They’ve been going down a treat for years on the other side of the world. Give them a go and see how we compare!
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