New Phone Who Dis?
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  • New Phone Who Dis?
  • New Phone Who Dis?

New Phone Who Dis?

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New Phone Who Dis?
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Brand spanking NEW
  • Take a break from your phone to play a phone-themed game
  • Cards Against Humanity meets your most awkward messages
  • What do you reply to that obscene booty call?
  • ‘Sorry, gotta vlog. My subscribers need me!’
  • From the hilarious legends behind What Do You Meme


What on earth do you reply to ‘I’m sorry you had to find out about my IBS like that’? How do you respond when someone messages to ask why they found a positive pregnancy test in your bathroom? And what can be done about the friend who texts you at 3AM to ask if you’ve got a tarp, rope, gloves, bleach and shovel they can borrow? You’re bound to come up with the perfect response with all those reply suggestion cards in hand.

The geniuses behind the bestselling What Do You Meme knocked their juicy brains together to squeeze out this fantastic game, where Cards Against Humanity meets the most awkward messages you could possibly receive.

Cringe and laugh your way through all 240 inbox cards and 300 replies as you match them up in hopes of creating the funniest combination and winning a point from the judge. Get a few shot glasses in and it makes an excellent drinking game too - just be sure not to text anyone afterwards unless you want a particularly sarky reply.

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