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Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
  • Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

The napper's best friend

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    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    Different settings for every day of the week!

    Are you one of those sluggardly types who has to wrestle out of the duvet every morning as if you were kipping in a tray of treacle? Do you reach across for the snooze button in your sleep and wonder where the time went? What you need is a proper solution to your waking problems, something that will lull you to sleep, wake you gently at whatever time you need and entertain you while you're knocking back a cuppa. Time for the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock.

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    Charge your iPod via the
    USB jack!

    It's got two separate 7-day banks of alarms, so you can wake up at a set time on any day of the week, while your partner can wake up independently using their own alarm times. Add to those the extra option of seven daily reminder alarms that can go off at programmed times throughout the day and that's a whole lot of choices ( a staggering 21 in total, fact fans ). Set them to go off for your favourite TV show, to take the dog out or to wake you from a brief siesta - it has a Nap Timer too - you'll be spoilt for choice.

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    You and your partner can have 2 separate alarms, every day of the week!

    Time is, of course, of the essence. But it's how you use it that counts when you're either dropping off into la-la-land or rousing yourself like a bear wearing a hat full of bees. That's why the Neverlate houses a digital FM/AM radio with 20 programmable station presets which you can fall asleep to, or assign to different alarms throughout the week - Drum & Bass pirate stations for workdays and Gardeners' Question Time for weekends, perhaps. If radio won't cut through the sandman's spell, try one of the four buzzer tones. Or plug in your iPod ( via the 'Aux In' socket ) and drift off with the sleep function - it's that flexible, you'll wonder how you coped without it.

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    Line-Out Jack

    20 Station Presets

    Gradual Wake

    Auxiliary Input

    Dual Wake Schedules

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    The dials makes it super
    easy to use!

    You can customise nearly every function too - from snooze duration, backlight brightness, alarm duration - all through the simple chunky dial. Duvet-botherers will be pleased with the gradual wake mode, that you can set to drift you slowly into consciousness, while hardcore kippers will love the descending snooze - each time you press it the snooze time is cut in half, until you're forced to deal with it! And for the ultimate in customisation, the Neverlate features a handy powered USB port to plug a fan or reading light into - anything that takes USB power. Just what you need when you're in bed recharging your own batteries.

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

    Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

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