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Never Mind The Detox Chocolate Trio
  • Never Mind The Detox Chocolate Trio
  • Never Mind The Detox Chocolate Trio

Never Mind The Detox Chocolate Trio

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Never Mind The Detox Chocolate Trio
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These chocolate bars have a shorter shelf life, please enjoy them before 01/07/19.
Love it as much as we do?
  • Our biggest, best, triple-threat way to say no to clean eating
  • Three bars of irresistible milk chocolate, each one with a different twist
  • Work your way through each flavour: honeycomb, fudge, and brownie
  • Lovingly made in the UK by expert detox f***ers
  • Created by Firebox
V - Suitable for Vegetarians


Do away with all that diet nonsense. You don’t need a new you for a new year, you don’t need to ‘detoxify’ (that’s what your liver is for, genius), you don’t need to do yoga every day or only eat green juice for a month, you’re great the way you are. Well. Maybe you could be improved by a little bit of chocolate, but who are we to judge?

Say hello to the ultimate way to say ‘f*** the detox’: this delightful trio of luxury milk chocolate. Each bar in the set has a different flavour - laced with sweet shards of honeycomb, lashed with chunks of fudge, or packed full of chewy brownie bites. If that hasn’t got your chocoholic motor going, we don’t know what will!

So slip those diet paperbacks into the bin, chuck the scales on the bonfire, and take your trainers off. There’s no need to take it to extremes, just tuck into some of this indulgent chocolate and save the gym for another day. Or another year. Or never.
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  • "All delicious"
    - 3rd of May, 2019
  • "These were great to bring to a girls night, they’re so original and delicious Will absolutely purchase for the next “get over your ex” night"
    - 27th of February, 2019