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Never-Ending Valentine's Day Card

Test your love

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  • Plays an unbearable Valentine's jingle for 3+ hours
  • The only way to stop the music is to smash up the card
  • ...which unleashes a heap of heart-shaped glitter
  • Handy "Safe Mode" lets you sign and test the card first
  • Definitely one to open during the dinner date
Valentine's Day – a time for love, sensitivity, thoughtfulness. Or... a ripe opportunity to test your loved ones.

The Never-Ending Valentine's Day Card plays a dreadful Valentines Day jingle for 3+ hours non stop. To end the horror the recipient has to tear the card apart and smash up the circuitry within – doing so unleashes a flurry of heart-shaped glitter to push their sanity to the absolute brink.

Whether it's your best mate or the love of your life, put your relationship to the ultimate test.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Great gift idea and I thought it was fun, however my wife was very hesitant to tear up the card."
    Adam - 6th of March, 2017
  • "Great product, exceded expectations. Definitely worth it for the laughs "
    Aaron - 13th of February, 2017