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Never-Ending Recordable Birthday Card

Make it personal (and really f*cking annoying)

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Never-Ending Recordable Birthday Card
This is only available at Firebox!
  • Record your own birthday message that repeats for 3+ hours
  • Handy "Safe Mode" so you can sign and test the card first
  • Your recording gets even louder if they press the button again
  • A flurry of glitter falls out when they try to rip it open
The Never-Ending Recordable Birthday Card is possibly the most irritating card ever created. Why? Because you get to record your very own horrendous delightful message that repeats for over 3 hours.

Just think... 3 hours of you:
  • Reminding them how disgustingly old they are
  • Yelling endless profanities
  • Singing Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" as badly as you can
When your powerless recipient presses the 'play' button again to try and stop the nightmare — it just gets louder. And if they attempt to rip into the card they'll get a lap full of glitter.

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