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Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card

Merry Christmas...Forever.

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Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card
Love it as much as we do?
  • A musical menace that sings for up to 3 hours continuously
  • Treat your loved ones to a festive breakdown
  • Gets even louder when they press the button to try and stop it
  • Releases a flurry of glitter if they attempt to rip it open
Sick of Christmas being an orgy of goodwill and merriment? Give the gift of deeply harrowing, stress-inducing frustration this festive season. Give your loved ones the Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card.

A musical menace that just won't stop playing – this unbearably merry card jingles for three horrendous hours. If the recipient taps (furiously bashes) the button to try and turn it off – it gets twice as loud. When they finally reach their whits end and rip it open to destroy the electronics – they're greeted with a majestic burst of glitter.

Thankfully delivered in safe mode, you can sign and test it, making sure the tune is suitably piercing before delivering.

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