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Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card
  • Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card

Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card

Merry Christmas...Forever.

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  • This musical Christmas card won’t stop playing. Ever.
  • Treat your loved ones to a festive breakdown
  • Whether smashed, torn or submerged in water it continues to play
  • A musical menace that sings for up to 3 hours continuously


Do you wish it could be Christmas everyday? Well with the Endless Musical Christmas Card it can be. Christmas. Every day. Over and over again. Forever.

Sick of Christmas being an orgy of goodwill and sparkles? Give the gift of deeply harrowing, stress-inducing frustration this festive season. Give your loved ones the Endless Musical Christmas Card.

A musical menace that won't stop playing - this unbearably merry card jingles for up to an unnerving three hours. Nan'll be clawing her freshly permed hair out.

Thankfully delivered in safe mode, you can sign it safely, making sure the tune is suitably piercing before delivering.

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