Never-Ending Greeting Cards

I know a song that gets on yer nerves

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  • These obnoxious cards play music for over 3 hours straight
  • Gets louder if they press button again to try and stop it
  • "Safe Mode" so you can sign and test it before the fun begins
  • You may want to make yourself scarce when they open it
Avoid the mire of boring twee creations and forgettable newsagent tat, get that 'special someone' a card that ensures you linger in their memory for a very, very long time.

Never-Ending Greeting Cards are primed and ready to unleash the most frustrating sounds known to humanity. The recipient can shut it, rip it, immerse it in water – these relentless cards won't stop playing for over 3 hours. Best of all, if they try to press the button again to stop the sound – it just gets louder.

There are three equally grating cards, catering for various occasions:
  • Thank You – If you've ever said to someone "I can't thank you enough!" - Now you can. You really, really can. This card plays "Thank you for being a friend" over and over again
  • The New Born – Welcome your friends to the brutal realities of parenthood with a card that doesn't stop crying. No amount of gentle cradling, singing lullabies or jangling keys is going to help
  • I'm Sorry – Worried that your apology won't sound sincere enough? Nothing gets the message across like good old fashioned repetition – this card plays a wailing "I'm Sorry" lament for over 3 hours
Thankfully there's a built-in 'Safe Mode' so you can sign the card and give it a quick test before the real fun begins. There's a tab to pull, a bit like a grenade – a grenade where the explosion is actually just horrendous music that lasts for an eternity.

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