Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

Never-Ending Congratulations Card

Over and over and over and over...

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  • Plays horrendous music until the battery dies, a mere 3 hours later
  • Unleashes a merciless spray of glitter when ripped open
  • Clever "Safe Mode" lets you sign and test the card first
  • The greatest prank greetings card in existence
Historically, musical greetings cards have always been a bit lame. On the one hand it's nice because the recipient knows you've spent a little extra on them, but when the jingle only lasts about 10 seconds you always feel a bit cheated. Enter the Congratulations Glitter Card.

Once opened, this relentless greetings card continues to play its wretched ditty for over three hours (though the one we stupidly tested definitely played for five!). If they try to hit the button again to stop the music, it just gets louder and louder.

Best of all, when the (un)lucky recipient finally reaches the boundaries of their sanity and tries to rip the card open to destroy its internal circuitry – they'll be greeted with a merciless explosion of glitter. It's a glorious sight to behold.

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