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Never-Ending Birthday Card

Happy Birthday...forever



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Never-Ending Birthday Card
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  • This devilish birthday card plays for over 3 hours straight
  • Emits the catchiest ear-worm ever conceived
  • Treat your loved ones to a birthday breakdown
  • Unleashes a merciless spray of glitter when you try and rip it open
  • Gets louder if they press button again to try and stop it
  • Whether smashed, torn or submerged in water it continues to play!
Despite everyone's best intentions, birthdays are inevitably a stressful affair. All the attention, the candles, the singing, the pressure. Why not take things to the next level and get them the Never-Ending Birthday Card

A birthday card like no other, treat your loved ones to a gift they'll always remember. Because they wont have a choice. Because it never stops playing. Give them the gift of a permanent ear-worm combined with extreme mental anguish. Don't worry, there's a "safe mode" so you can sign the card and test it before the fun begins.

Once opened, the Never-ending Birthday Card continues to play for up to three whole hours (though the one we foolishly tested played for five!). The music gets even louder if they try pressing the button again to stop it, heck they can submerge the card in water – this relentless beast just keeps on jingling. Best of all, when the lucky recipient finally reaches breaking point and tries to rip into the card to destroy its circuitry they'll be greeted with a merciless explosion of glitter.

Needless to say this is the best prank birthday card in existence

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38 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "So so so so good!!! I love to be annoying haha!"
    Jade - 23rd of February, 2017
  • "Hilarious to me, not so hilarious to the recipient - for obvious reasons! Great idea, perfect gift for an annoying sibling/partner!"
    Charlie - 25th of January, 2017
  • "This was a fantastic purchase, it is obviously expensive for a birthday a card, but this comes highly recommended. Do it."
    Kirkland Linkin - 7th of December, 2016
  • "My brother hated it, which was exactly what I wanted."
    Paul - 10th of August, 2016
  • "Mad cap. Up my street and I hope it drove them mad...what a great idea. "
    Gary - 20th of June, 2016