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Netgear EVA 700
  • Netgear EVA 700

Netgear EVA 700

Who says there's nothing on the telly?

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    Chances are your PC is rammed with movies, photos, downloaded clips, music and more. Oh, the wonders of modern technology! The problem is you can only watch and listen to all that lovely content when you're plonked in front of your computer. And as every couch potato knows, the only place to truly enjoy watching stuff is on the sofa in front of the telly.

    So wouldn't it be good if you could magically stream the media trapped inside your computer straight to your TV? With the ingenious Netgear EVA700 you can do exactly that and more.

    Netgear EVA 700

    Stream it all to your TV

    Just think, no more huddling around your computer to watch vids or view photos. You can even use the EVA700 to listen to internet radio and watch streaming clips and live feeds, so now you won't have to drag Uncle Bert to your study to show him the latest 'hilarious' viral movie. And viewing holiday snaps on your big flash telly beats crowding around a pokey desk any day of the week.

    Netgear EVA 700



    Set up is a doddle - the EVA700 connects to your home network either wired or wirelessly, thanks to its 10/100 Ethernet port and dual Wi-Fi antennas. All you have to do is install the software and you're away.

    Netgear EVA 700


    SPDIF Coaxial

    Composite, L / R Audio
    Component Video



    Netgear EVA 700

    Sleek remote

    A sleek remote control allows you to seamlessly access all the files and applications on your computer without getting off the sofa. There's also a smart on-screen menu to help you navigate through all that digital content. It's like having a TV and computer in one. You can even play files saved on a USB storage device, such as an iPod, via the EVA700's handy USB port. Who says there's never anything good on the telly?

    If you're still not sold on this groundbreaking bit of kit you could always lug your computer into the sitting room and put it next to the TV. But then you'd look like a nerd and a weirdo. And that simply wouldn't do. So hurry up and hit Buy. We're off to watch our collection of downloaded skateboard wipe-outs on the big screen.

    Netgear EVA 700

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