Netflix and Grill
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Netflix and Grill

21st Century TV Dinner

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  • Delicious meals delivered to your door when you need them most
  • Get the energy you crave without deviating from the job at hand
  • Packed with all the vitamins and nutrients a lusty millennial needs
  • Meat and vegan varieties available
  • Choose a convenient delivery time slot from within the Netflix app


Netflix and Chill – what started out as innocently curling up on the sofa and tucking into a bit of 'Breaking Bad' has beautifully metamorphosed into a euphemism for casually hooking up.

However, such is the engrossing nature of this activity, young people are no longer finding the time to eat properly. The phenomenon is resulting in widespread malnutrition and a distinct lack of energy, so we've teamed up with the world's greatest online streaming service to bring you – Netflix and Grill. Think of it as the main course for after the inter… course.

For a small addition to your regular Netflix subscription we will deliver two fresh ready meals directly to your door, all you have to do is choose a convenient time slot from within the Netflix app. There are meat and vegan options to choose from and these post-coital feasts are packed with all of the vitamins and nutrients a lusty millennial needs.

Just pop the compact tins under a pre-heated grill and carry on "watching" your favourite Netflix show, they'll be ready to eat in no more than 8 minutes which should give you (and/or your Tinder date) plenty of time to climax at least once.

Don't let the dreadful wordplay fool you, this is the first in a long line of upcoming Netflix bolt-on services designed to increase your productivity without deviating from the task at hand (casual sex whilst watching 'House of Cards' out of the corner of your eye).
  • Netflix and Quill - Finally pen that romantic novel
  • Netflix and Drill - Put up that new spice rack
  • Netflix and Swill - Keep your breath fresh and gums healthy
  • Netflix and Bill - Chase up those old, unsettled debts
  • Netflix and Krill - Take care of a small crustacean
  • Netflix and Will - Think about those you'll leave behind
  • Netflix and Dill - Garnish a delicious salmon dinner

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