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Nerf Recon
  • Nerf Recon

Nerf Recon

From pistol to rifle and back again!

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    Nerf Recon

    Dual-mode targeting beam

    Different missions require different weapons, but thanks to the incredible Nerf Recon you can multi-task like never before. With five interchangeable parts this awesome modular blaster can be taken apart and snapped together in various configurations. Take umpteen weapons to war? No need!

    Just think, armed with a Recon you can conduct Nerf battles in countless ways. Remove its stock and barrel extender and this powerful rifle becomes a stealthy hand-cannon. Going on a perilous night op? Better activate its dual-mode targeting beam. Looking to take out the bozo in accounts unobtrusively? Flip up the ladder sight for ultimate precision. You can even use the Recon’s shoulder stock to store extra ammo. ‘I’m out, dagnammit! Oh…hang on, no I’m not.’

    Five interchangeable parts:
    Nerf Recon

    1) Stock, 2) Gun body, 3 Flip-up sight, 4) Barrel extension, 5) Dual-mode light beam, 6) Quick-reload clip

    Nerf Recon

    Lock and load!

    With a blaster this versatile you’ll spend less time worrying about whether or not you’ve brought the right weapon to the battlefield (okay, the office corridor) and more time concentrating on the matter in hand, ie: blasting your enemies to Nerfdom come. Yippee ki-yay… erm, boss.

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