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Nerf Raider
  • Nerf Raider

Nerf Raider

Prepare for Nerfageddon

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    Nerf Raider

    Holds 35 boingy bullets!

    What on Nerf’s going on here? We’re not entirely sure but the foam dart arms race is going crazy. And that means you’re gonna need a rapid-firing weapon rammed with ammo. So here it is in the frankly bonkers shape of the Nerf Raider.

    Thanks to a huge side-mounted drum clip, the Raider is capable of holding more darts (up to 35) than any other Nerf blaster, making it ideal for delivering a seemingly endless barrage of boingy bullets. Simply pump the handle, squeeze the trigger and let ‘em have it!

    Nerf Raider

    1) Stock (adjustable and compatible with other nerf blasters), 2) Drum magazine (holds 35 clip-system darts),
    3) Tactical rail (compatible with most N-strike accessories),
    4) Slam fire handle (slide repeatedly while holding down the trigger to release a stream of darts)


    Slide the Slam fire handle to release a stream of darts

    You can even launch a relentless volley of darts by holding down the trigger and pumping the handle for all you’re worth. Ruuun! With a tactical rail for attachments and an adjustable stock for comfort, the Raider is sure to become an essential weapon in your Nerf arsenal. Indeed it’s the Statham…no, the Stallone…no, the *gulp* Schwarzenegger of pretend weapons. ‘Remember when I said I’d Nerf you last? I lied!’

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