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Nerf N-Strike Deploy
  • Nerf N-Strike Deploy

Nerf N-Strike Deploy

From torch to blaster in a flash

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    Nerf N-Strike Deploy


    For covert missions in the dead of night (or running around the house with the lights off), the Nerf N-Strike Deploy is the perfect tool for the job. With its unique stealth mode, the gun can be disguised as a chunky torch, but at the touch of a button transforms into a powerful pump-action dart blaster.

    To convert into stealth mode, the shoulder stock slides into the body of the gun, neatly folding in the trigger and grip as it goes- perfect for transporting it and sneaking past nosey officals (mum). With stealth mode activated, stalk your prey in the dark with the sweeping light of the torch. When you have them locked in your beam, activate the blaster mode by pressing the button on the top of the weapon. In one swift movement, the spring-loaded shoulder stock snaps back to its original position, the trigger and grip lock into place and the torch flips down to expose the length of the sight. Slide the pump-action loader forwards and back and you’re ready to fire. It’s almost too easy...

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