Nerf Maverick
  • Nerf Maverick

Nerf Maverick

Rootin’ tootin’ six-shooter

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    Are you a maverick? A rule-breaking, system-smashing rebel fighting for truth and justice? Of course you’re not, because once we tell you about the amazing Nerf Maverick you’ll be walloping that Buy button like everyone else. Ba-aa!

    Loading the Nerf Maverick spinning the barrel Firing the bullet

    Load up the barrel

    Spin (‘D’ya feel lucky?)

    Fire... the barrel spins ready
    for the next bullet

    Whistler darts

    6x whistler darts – included

    Fast and extremely accurate, this revolver-style six-shooter will blast its squishy suction-dart ammo over 15ft. Simply load the barrel, give it a spin and click into place. Then all you need to do is decide which revolver-toting icon to imitate as you unleash Nerf hell on your flatmates. ‘D’ya feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?’

    Nerf Maverick
    Maybe it’s the movies, but there’s something unfathomably satisfying about locking and loading a big ol’ barrel. Give it a spin and you might be tempted to recite Clint’s entire Magnum opus from Dirty Harry. Better still, this hefty hand cannon is sufficiently sturdy to re-enact the acrobatic endeavours of that other famous revolver fan, Indiana Jones. ‘Nerf, why’d it have to be Nerf!’ Ping, ping ping!

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