Nerf Havok Rapid Fire
  • Nerf Havok Rapid Fire

Nerf Havok Rapid Fire

Found: Weapon of mass destruction!

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    Arnie. Sly. Vin. Dolph. Aside from a collective inability to act their way out of a paper bag, what have all these rippling action heroes got in common? No, not stupid names, big guns. And when we say big, we’re talking whacking great bullet-spitting behemoths like…well, like the fearsome Nerf Havok Rapid Fire.

    Loading the ammo belt

    Load up the belt!

    Fully-automatic, this truly awesome belt-fed weapon makes other Nerf-cannons seem as intimidating as pea shooters. It’s the fastest, most powerful Nerf gun in the history of nerfdom and it’s ideal for mowing down fleeing co-workers. “Scoff my last falafel, would ya?” Tatatatatata! Alternatively you can blast a stationary object to bits (they said in an utterly unconvincing manner).

    Nerf Havok Rapid Fire

    Capable of rata-tatting out 25 foam darts in around 8 seconds, the battery-operated Havok will have enemies crying to their mummies in terror and camouflaging their underpants for all the wrong reasons. It probably eats Green Berets for breakfast, so just imagine the effect it’ll have on the rubber band-flicking Rambo wannabes in IT.

    Pumping the cartridges through on singleshot mode

    Manual reload in singleshot mode

    Simply lock and load the realistic (well, ish) ammo belt, pull the trigger and leave the rest to the Havok’s piston-powered internal launching system as you unleash a storm of foam-tipped mayhem. We guarantee you’ll never tire of watching the ammo belt feeding its way through your blaster.

    The mode switch

    Flick and switch between modes

    Once you’ve taken out the cannon fodder, switch to single shot mode for a bit of precision blasting. “Quick, here comes their leader…oops, sorry boss.” You can even remove the Havok’s tripod for some full-on Terminator-style annihilation/end of Rambo rampaging. Nice.

    Quite possibly the greatest addition to any infantile warmonger’s comedy armoury, the Nerf Havok Rapid Fire is going to be one helluva popular weapon, so stop messing about with that bandana and vest and get ordering. Tatatatatata!

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