Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock
  • Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock

Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock

It’s a veritable iTrumpet

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    Boost your sound naturally

    It might look like a crinkle-cut crisp in a hall of mirrors, but the human ear is an amazing bit of kit. Designed to scoop up the sounds around us and funnel them into our brains in an orderly fashion, they are amazingly good at their job.

    It’s no surprise then, that where nature has shown the way, audio boffins have followed. The Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock is a great example- taking all the bits that make our ears brilliant and capturing them in a gorgeous zinc alloy docking system which naturally amplifies the sound from your iPhone.


    Made of shiny zinc alloy metal

    Although it will connect, charge and sync your iPhone 4 to your computer by USB, the clever internal structure of the Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock boosts the output of your iPhone’s speaker without the use of any moving parts or external power. Whether you keep it by your computer or on your bedside table, this stunning metal wonder will enhance any surface.

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