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Naughty Knot

Probably the best pressie in the world: you!

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    As Seen On American Inventor! Calling all ladies! The incredibly risqué Naughty Knot enables you, yes you, to be the present. Simply strip off, swathe yourself in this one-piece satin bow and prepare to be unwrapped by your drooling beau. Is it getting hot in here or what?

    Video still of Peter Jones on American Inventor

    Watch Peter Jones' jaw drop on American Inventor!

    Before we go any further we should stress that this high quality sash is designed to be worn by women. Trust us fellas, it’s not a good look. Even if you’re joking you’ll only succeed in making yourself look like a camp wrestler with a penchant for Borat-style swimwear. So we hear.

    An ideal plaything for Valentine’s Day and similarly romantic occasions, the Naughty Knot falls to the ground, faster than you can say ‘ding dong’, with one gentle pull. And because you can use it again and again it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s fully washable and fits fun seekers between 5” and 5’9”, accommodating cup sizes A through to DD. Nurse, the screens!

    Tying up the Naughty Knot

    Make sure it's a bow, not a shank knot!

    Just think, wrapped in this highly arousing little number you can finally give a pressie both you and your lover will enjoy. Throw in the fact that most men spend every waking hour dreaming about naked ladies wrapped in satin bows and you’re looking at the ultimate sexy gift.

    But don’t just take our word for it. This sexy little number has already raised eyebrows on The Jerry Springer Show (iconic purveyor of the weird and wonderful) and ABC’s American Inventor (think Dragons’ Den with added mentalists).

    Girl dressed ready wearing the Naughty Knot gift

    Get home early and dim the lights!

    The box for the Naughty Knot

    The box!

    Indeed, fans of lowbrow TV are united in their admiration for this eye-popping sash and it’s been flying off shelves across the pond. But don’t let that put you off. The nation that brought you nylon and Baywatch undoubtedly knows its onions when it comes to oo-er innovations. So come on girls, it’s time to strip off and get wrapping!

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