Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain
  • Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain

Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain

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    As self-appointed arbiters of what's in and what's out, we've decided that nerdism is the new cool. But you'd expect us to say that because we spend our lives playing with gadgets, gizmos and tech toys.

    The thing is, it's not just us; the whole world has gone geek crazy - and the cult status of Napoleon Dynamite proves it!

    Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain In case you're too cool for school, this hilarious movie charts the life of a dorky student with a penchant for milk tasting, drawing, Swingball, bass fishing and implausible stories. Napoleon's extreme social ineptitude is matched only by his obsession with seemingly irrelevant details. So if you're the kind of person who can name 15 different Jedi and every member of ELO, Napoleon Dynamite is your kind of doofus. And let's face it, anyone who attempts time travel with a crude device purchased on the internet has got to be a top bloke.

    Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain Supremely quotable, Napoleon Dynamite is a character who's been begging for the talking keychain treatment - and here it is! Yes, dweeb-fans, the Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain is a pocket-sized electronic device that allows you to enjoy the wit and wisdom of the world's greatest alienated dork whenever and wherever you want. Simply press a button and you'll hear one of six classic Napoleon quotes, including:

    • "Lucky"
    • "Can you bring in my chapstick... my lips hurt real bad."
    • "Frickin Idiot"
    • "I like your sleeves...they're real big."
    • "GOSH!"
    • "A liger... It's pretty much my favourite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic."
    Needless to say you'll need to be a right nerd to want a Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain in the first place. But the comedic value of this device is so off the scale you won't care, and your frickin' idiot mates will want a go the second they hear it in action. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to draw some ligers. Gosh!

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