• Nanoblocks


Maxi fun, micro blocks

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    Our Japanese friends have always been masters of miniaturisation, from hotel rooms to high tech gadgetry. But who knew they were so good at shrinking plastic building bricks? Not us, until we clapped eyes (albeit with a bit of squinting) at Nanoblocks.

    Nanoblocks are cool micro versions of Diablocks, the Japanese equivalent of everyone’s favourite studded building blocks (you know, the Danish ones beginning with L). But why so small? Well, smaller blocks mean smaller projects, greater detail and more realism. Plus you can fit finished models in the palm of your hand.


    Space Centre


    Space Station



    Tiny blocks!

    Despite their diminutive dimensions, Nanoblocks are just as precise as regular sized building blocks. This is down to a clever double-ridged backing system that makes clicking them together a cinch. And because each brick is flat, models are built up in successive layers. You even get a base plate on which to plonk your tiny creation. Satisfying? You’ll be addicted to Nanoblocks in seconds.

    Cool and alternative, Nanoblocks are conclusive evidence that it’s not all about size, especially in the world of make-believe construction. But what can you make with these titchy bricks? Pretty much anything judging by the kits currently available. Choose from a Duck, Meerkat, Space Centre or even a Space Station. They’re building blocks but not as we know them!

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