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NanoWatch Strap
  • NanoWatch Strap

NanoWatch Strap

From nano to iWatch

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    Simply clip your Nano 6G onto the strap

    Simply clip your Nano onto the strap

    Your wrist deserves to be adorned with more than a mere watch – and if you’re lucky enough to own a new style iPod Nano it soon will be because the ingenious NanoWatch lets you wear your Nano like a wristwatch.

    Simply pop your player on this funky soft rubber strap via its built-in clip and you’re ready to rock…or roll, or listen to the radio, gawp at album artwork, fiddle with Nike ID and much more. Even if you’ve got some blinged up P. Diddy of a wristwatch we doubt it does half as much as a fully loaded Nano. Activate your watch function and onlookers will be none the wiser.

    4 Cool colours

    Available in 4 colours: (from left to right) Grey, Dark Grey, Pink and Blue


    NanoWatch is sleek and fashionable

    A brilliant way to keep your Nano safe and close to hand without resorting to stuffing it in your pocket or wearing it on your lapel, plonker styley, the NanoWatch is set to become a must-have accessory for all Nano owners. What time is it? It’s just gone JLS past Rihanna.

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