Nano Sneaker Protector Kit
  • Nano Sneaker Protector Kit
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Nano Sneaker Protector Kit

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Nano Sneaker Protector Kit
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  • The next generation in shoe protection technology
  • Scientifically-developed formula bonds with the material of your footwear
  • Forms an invisible protective layer on your sneaker
  • Water, mud, and other generic grime slides right off
  • A must-have for any true sneakerhead
Nothing quite compares to the emotions you experience when a load of mud is flicked onto your brand new sneakers. That level of mental anguish is enough to give you a permanent eye-twitch, or take years off your life.

Enter the Nano Sneaker Protector Kit. This scientifically-developed formula is designed to protect your precious sneakers and keep them in pristine, box fresh condition.

The revolutionary spray bonds with the material of your footwear to form an invisible layer that won't wash off in the rain. Water, mud and other generic street grime simply slides off – leaving your sneakers looking slick.

Whether you're a fashionista, athlete or bonafide sneakerhead – it's an absolute no brainer.

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