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Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter
  • Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter
  • Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter
  • Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter
  • Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter

Nano Q4 Micro Quadcopter

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  • A preposterously nimble little quad
  • Flies indoors and outdoors with nifty speed and surprising stability
  • This 4 channel copter can perform 360 acrobatics
  • Adorned with super bright LED lights for nighttime flying
  • Features 4-channel, 6-axis flight, a self-righting feature plus built-in gyro


Weighing a mere 11.5 grams and measuring just 5cm x 5cm, Nano Q4 is rather adorable in appearance. But don't be fooled, this guy's packing serious oomph.

Just add 2 x AAA batteries to the transmitter and you're ready to tear up the skies. Jam packed with the latest technology, Nano Q4 packs a powerful punch. Boasting four channel, six axis flight and a built in gyro, this revolutionary piece of technology is stylishly designed and is nifty enough to navigate even the tightest of spaces, as well as fly in the dark.

Not only does it zip through the airways at an impressive speed, it's also capable of doing 360 flips and, weather permitting, can also hack outdoor spaces. Impeccably neat, if we do say so ourselves.

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3 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "This is a great copter. We have had so much fun with it. Little hard to control at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's sweet."
    Victoria - 30th of November, 2016
  • "Absolutely wonderful! Learning to fly it before I gift it to my nephew."
    Richard - 7th of April, 2016
  • "Cute little quad, appropriate for indoors. A bit difficult to control at the beginning if you're not used to r/c toys but quite fun."
    Gonzalo - 28th of January, 2016