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Namco Classics II

    Namco Classics II

    The most popular arcade game of all time

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      As pioneers of the retro plug-n-play revolution, we're proud to present the followup to our best-selling Namco 5-in-1 Classics joystick - now featuring the all-time classics Ms Pac-man and Pole Position. As in the movies, gaming sequels are rarely better than the original - however Ms Pac-man (the "Empire Strikes Back" of the video game world) holds the impressive record of being the most successful American arcade game ever - selling 115,000 units stateside versus the original Pac-Man's 100,000.

      "So why was Ms. Pac-man more popular than the original?" you may ask. Well, although the gameplay is the same maze-based chase, Ms. Pac-man features four different mazes rather than the single maze in the original game. The computer-controlled ghosts in the original game followed pre-programmed paths and so by running in certain patterns, players were able to confuse them and play nearly indefinitely. There are no such patterns to fool the ghosts in Ms. Pac-man.

      Firebox regulars should know the drill by now - as with our other popular self-contained games machines, the Namco Classics II plugs directly into your TV via handy AV cables. Despite it's diminutive size, the Namco features an excellent, highly grippable joystick and a sturdy button which will endure no end of frantic mashing - this baby is built to last!

      Also new to the Namco II is the steering mechanism used for the arcade classic Pole Position: rather than pull the joystick left and right to guide your vehicle, the joystick itself twists (with a satisfying resistance), allowing you super-accurate control of your car as it tears around the track.

      Featured games:

      Ms Pac-man
      This sequel to the Japanese hit was created by developers in the USA. The ghosts this time round are named Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Sue - the last one named after developer Doug Macrae's sister.

      Pole Position
      Put the pedal to the metal and prepare to qualify! This is a game of speed and agility! Are you ready to race to the finish?

      An alien invasion is underway and it is your duty to save your fighters! Can you make this "mission impossible" possible?

      There's bound to be danger when you enter enemy territory. It's your job to fight off enemy fighters!

      Cat-nappers are at it again and Mappy must gather up all the valuables before the burglers get to them.

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