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Nail Art Wrap Set

Fashionable Phalanges

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  • Your fingernails are ten blank canvases and you're their fearless artiste
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Kiss goodbye to long drying times, smudging and chipping
  • Handmade!
Unless you have the unflinching steady hands of a seasoned brain surgeon, getting creative with your nails is a pretty thankless task. The Nail Art Wrap Set makes great nails effortless.

Think of your fingernails as ten eager little canvases, you look upon them every day and they deserve better than a thick globulous coat of stinking lacquer. These colourful and stylish handmade decals draw inspiration from cats, human ingenuity, science and pop culture and are the uncomplicated remedy to dull and lifeless fingernails.

Easy to slide on with just a splash of water – you can kiss a cordial goodbye to long drying times, smudges and chipping, and wave a fond 'hello' to the very tip of finger fashion!

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