Firebox 20th Birthday


    24 carrot genius

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    New Nabaztag/tag:
    The second generation Nabaztag/tag is packed full of new features, including a navel microphone, voice recognition and a RFID tag reader.

    New Nabaztag Ears:

    Express your style, customise your rabbit with these new Nabaztag Ear designs!
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      New Nabaztag/tag with Little Hearts Ears (sold seperately)

      Lets be honest, you wouldn't normally associate bunny rabbits with cutting-edge technology and superior intelligence. Of course there was that time Bugs Bunny outwitted Marvin the Martian using an Aludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator but we're talking real-life here, folks! Maybe that's why everyone here at Firebox has been utterly gobsmacked by Nabaztag/tag. Derived from the Armenian word for rabbit (so we're told), this ingenious Wi-Fi-enabled bunny is set to revolutionise the way Wi-Fi fans receive information about... well, about anything!

      Basically Nabaztag/tag is a desktop companion that utilises Wi-Fi technology to fetch information from the Internet and convey it in various charming ways. Confused? You won't be, because you'll soon be relying on this cute little critter to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news, read you messages from friends, check the stock market and give you tomorrow's weather forecast today. Nabaztag/tag can even communicate with fellow bunnies and get married.


      Magnetic interchangable ears!

      And that's just the beginning, because the world of Nabaztag/tag is expanding all the time. Before long this brainy bunny will be able to receive traffic updates, alert you when you have SMS messages, tell you if your train is running late and broadcast 'Nabcasts' from fellow subscribers. The possibilities are truly endless.


      Look at him go!

      For now Nabaztag remains an ingenious, always connected communications device that uses lights, sounds and cutesy ear movements to discreetly convey messages to anyone nearby. Sounds can include your favourite MP3 files of music, voices or noises. Simply specify the sound via your computer and Nabaztag/tag will play it through his built-in speaker. Nabaztag/tag can also signal specific information via coloured lights in his belly; so you can set him to glow yellow if the weather's going to be sunny or red if an email from a loved one arrives. A wiggling ear could signify a falling stock price and a pattern of lights accompanied by a Westlife track could indicate that it's time to get up... and get a life.



      Push the button to manage messages

      Nabaztag is also great for reminding housemates that supper's getting cold or you're going to be late home - simply send a message via the Nabaztag/tag website and let the wireless technology do the rest. There really is no end to the info this charming chap can convey.


      Audio out jack!

      The Nabaztag/tag buzz is rapidly becoming thunderous and we reckon he's going to be a huge phenomenon throughout the wonderful world of Wi-Fi. But that's enough of our rabbiting; get ordering and become part of the Nabaztag/tag craze before this brilliant bunny bounces out of stock.

      Nabaztag Ears Nabaztag Ears:
      New Nabaztag/tag Ears are now available to adorn your beloved bunny. Featuring funky Little Hearts or a Blue Curacao design, these new accessory ears are perfect for customising your rabbits. You'll never have trouble telling Bugs and Babs apart again!

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