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NUT-Rugged iPhone Case
  • NUT-Rugged iPhone Case

NUT-Rugged iPhone Case

It’s a tough one to crack

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    Placing the iPhone 3G into the case

    Seal your iPhone in!

    Much like us humans, iPhones don’t enjoy falling out of moving vehicles, being dragged through the mud, or having water thrown over them. But just as we have protective gear for these kinds of activities, iPhones have hardwearing armour of their own. And one of the smartest examples is the NUT-Rugged iPhone Case.

    Despite its many rugged features (which we’ll come to in a second) this hard-as-nails case has no effect on your iPhone’s impressive functionality. You can still use your touchscreen. You can still take photos and video. And, thanks to a moulded bung, you can still plug in your earphones. How? Glad you asked.

    Using your iPhone through the case Moulded bung Window for camera

    You can still use your touchscreen

    Moulded bung

    Take your pics in the rain!

    The crystal clear case is made from high-impact polycarbonate, to show off your iPhone’s already sublime looks. It’s so clear, in fact, that you can use the iPhone’s camera through it without any loss of quality to your pics. And it’s thin enough to let you control the touchscreen without any impact on its sensitivity. But, most importantly, this rugged material will withstand any number of knocks, bumps and spills that might normally spell the end of your delicate mobile (or at least leave it with a few nasty scuffs).

    side view

    High-impact polycarbonate top and durable elastomer bottom

    Durable elastomer

    Durable elastomer

    Complementing the tough polycarbonate is a durable elastomer. This tactile, rubbery material not only gives you excellent grip, but it also weatherproofs the case and suspends your iPhone inside the case. The shock-absorbing nature of the material means your iPhone will be resistant to drops and sudden impacts. Ever tried answering your phone and watching in slo-mo as it accidentally slips through your fingers? Well if it’s wrapped in this rugged case you can just let it drop. Right onto the concrete. Then pick it up, and answer the call. How’s that for a tough nut?

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