NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS
  • NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS

NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS

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    Hard wearing polyurethane

    Better known for making foam dart guns that turn offices and homes into mini war zones; masters of spongy projectiles NERF have turned their attention (briefly) from assault to defence. And about time too! Because the finance team at Firebox HQ look like they’re mobilising for a counter attack.

    But wait! Before you start goading your opponents and launch into your Jim Bowen impressions, this defensive technology isn’t actually for people at all. In a canny move, NERF have adapted their soft and safe technology to make cases for your delicate electronics.

    Take the NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS, for example. Decked in NERF’s signature bright colours and industrial looks, this hard-wearing polyurethane case will protect your 3DS from countless bumps, scrapes, knocks and drops. Perfect for youngsters and the odd butter-fingered adult.

    Colours available

    Colours available (L-R): Green, Yellow and Blue

    Designed specifically for the 3DS, the vibrant case hugs your miniature console tightly, but still allows you access to all of the ports and controls. Soft and forgiving in the hand, it’s also extremely comfy when that quick game of Zelda stretches into hours. Or if you’re killing time hiding in the stationery cupboard until the finance team have all gone home.

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