Mystical Fire
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Mystical Fire

Torch the rainbow

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    Example of colour added to flames!

    ohhhhhh pretty flames!

    There was a time – before we had TVs in every room, PCs streaming stuff off the net and smartphones glued to our hands – when we would end every day by gazing into a campfire. It was when our primitive selves would do our best thinking. You could really ponder stuff properly when you had a good fire to gaze into.

    While it’s still very relaxing to do today, it can get a bit dull after a while (if we’re honest). But when that happens, all you need is a little Mystical Fire!

    A great way to get back to nature, but with a little modern chemistry thrown in (literally), this block of combustible material produces a terrific show of colours when it burns on a campfire. Turning the flickering orange flames to red, purple, green, blue and pink.

    And the effect isn’t just some flash in the pan. One block of Mystical Fire will burn for up to 40 minutes. Giving you plenty of time for some serious psychedelic chin-stroking.

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