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Mystic Smeg

The Fortune-telling Fridge

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Six foot chunk of cold, hard, irrefutable psychic power
  • Classic retro appliance mashed up with a 90's astrologist
  • Analyses your fridge contents and the stars' alignment
  • Just select your star sign and it'll display your daily horoscope
  • Comes with in-built cold readings
  • Costs a fortune, predicts your fortune


Until now there has only ever been one reliable way to tell your future – consulting the Zodiac for guidance. But this can only get you so far. After all, you are what you eat and you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their fridge, so what if a fridge could tell your future?

After years of development, Italian manufacturer – Smeg, famous for its retro-style fridges has teamed up with legendary 90s astrologist – Mystic Meg to create... Mystic Smeg. Classic appliance of the past meets a capricious oracle of the future. It's a match made in heaven.

Just select your star sign from the e-panel on the fridge door and Mystic Smeg will take care of the rest; analysing your fridge contents and the stars' alignment to provide you with an accurate daily horoscope accompanied by some sage advice from the cosmos.

For example:
  • Virgo – You've got a chip on your shoulder today. Perhaps it's time to finally use those half a dozen sachets of mayonnaise in the fridge you took from Wetherspoons
  • Taurus – I really like the way you’ve colour co-ordinated your fridge contents. This week will be another friendless one
  • Cancer – You're well on the way to embodying your zodiac sign this week if the state of all the red meat in your fridge is anything to go by
  • Gemini – You've reached a turning point in your life. Much like that Chive and Onion Philadelphia did four weeks ago
It's the ideal home appliance for those who like casting (p)runes, for(tuna)tellers, crystal (dough) balls, (c)arot card readers, (chocolate é)clairvoyants and palm(esan) readings.

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