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Mystery Box
  • Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Surprise, surprise!

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    Opening the Mystery Box - wow!

    Oh my God! You shouldn't have!

    The only problem with this gloriously orangey site is that it’s stuffed with so many cool gadgets, games and gizmos it’s difficult to know what to buy, especially if you’re shopping for pressies.

    That’s why we’ve decided to help all you indecisive/lazy/surprise-loving (delete where applicable) types with our Mystery Boxes – packages containing a random selection of fantastic Firebox gifts.

    Save up to 10GBP off RRP!
    All you do is choose between For Him, For Her or For Kids then the rest is up to us. Each box contains at least two, but sometimes as many as three or four, superb products from this site. What’s more you’ll be saving up to £7 off the total RRP of the items inside. Brilliant!

    Mystery Boxes are great news for anyone who can’t decide what to buy for friends and relatives. There’s not even that much risk involved because unlike all those ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ retailers, Firebox is about quality, not quantity. Put simply, we don’t do boring.
    Mystery Box

    "Like a Firebox of chocolates - you never know what you’re gonna get"

    But it’s not all about giving to others. Oh no, if you fancy buying yourself something (‘Coo-ee, parcel for Mr No-mates’) without having to hit the shops wearing a blindfold, they’re just the ticket. Think of them as Secret Santa pressies for you and you alone.

    Mystery Box Gift-wrapped

    You can even choose to
    have it gift wrapped!

    If any of you cynics out there think we’re trying to pull a fast one by off-loading old stuff we can’t shift, shame on you. Every product in every Mystery Box is currently available at full retail on So there.

    All we do is plonk a sack over our stock controller’s head* and let him loose in the appropriate section of our vast, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style warehouse. Then we put the products in a plain brown box** (which you can choose to have gift wrapped when you check out).

    It’s that simple. And that brilliant. As Forrest Gump never said: ‘Life is like a Firebox Mystery Box…you never know what you’re going to get.’

    * Not really true, that would of course break Health & Safety Regulations.

    ** This bit is true.

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