Mysterio Baby Fortune Telling Tees
  • Mysterio Baby Fortune Telling Tees

Mysterio Baby Fortune Telling Tees

When I grow up to be…

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    Mysterio T-Shirts

    There are 12 possible

    Mysterio is the all-seeing, all-knowing swami who predicts baby's future profession. But unlike most mystics he doesn't scrawl his predictions on sacred scrolls or bake them in cookies. Goodness no, this particularly powerful oracle transmits his thoughts onto 100% cotton baby T-shirts (up to 6 months) and places them in sealed fabric bags. Waddya think of that, then? Really? Us too.

    Mysterio T-Shirts

    So, your son is going
    to be a...?

    Having consulted his crystal ball, liaised with Mystic Meg, swished several thousand tea leaves around a big cauldron and concentrated really, really hard, Mysterio has managed to conjure up some truly bizarre professions. For the boys there's anything from Game Show Host to Plastic Surgeon and Milkman; for the girls it could anything from Air Hostess and Shoe Designer to TV Presenter and Personal Shopper. The mind boggles.

    Mysterio T-Shirts

    The Girl (pink) and Boy (blue) Mysterio T-Shirts

    Making your average newborn baby gift look about as original as a teddy, giving a Mysterio T-Shirt will single you out as a seriously innovative pressie-buyer. What's more, because each retro-hip tee comes in a sealed pouch, parents (and purchasers) won't know what baby will be until the seal is broken and Mysterio's prediction is revealed. Oh, the joy of discovering that the fruit of your loins is destined to become a tax inspector.

    Mysterio T-Shirts

    Sealed pouch

    Mysterio T-Shirts

    Work starts early for this
    Tax Inspector!

    Parental pride aside, baby will look ultra cute, not to mention pretty funky, wearing a Mysterio T-Shirt. In fact we kinda wish Mysterio would use his prophetic powers to create a few adult tees. After all, most of us here at Firebox haven't got a clue what we're going to do when we grow up.

    If you're stuck for a gift for a newborn baby, Mysterio really is your man. And years down the line, when his prediction eventually comes true*, you can be the first person to say 'I told you so'.

    *All future complaints regarding inaccurate predictions must be sent directly to Mysterio, C/O End of the Pier Novelties, Hokum's Travelling Carnival, second tent along (next to the bearded lady).

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