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    Designing and customizing the MyPhones

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    Cranking up the volume on headphones can seriously damage your hearing. WE SAID CRANKING UP…Oh forget it. It’s probably too late for all you bass bin-hugging adults. So why not spare a thought for the kids by buying them some eardrum-friendly MyPhones.

    Designed with music-loving little ‘uns in mind, these funky over-the-ear ‘phones feature a built-in sound limiter that caps volume levels at a safe 85 decibels, the maximum level recommended by many auditory health organisations. Better still the limiter is always on, so meddlesome parents, gizmo-savvy kids and moshpit dwelling older brothers can’t set the limit too high.

    Girl wearing her MyPhones

    Wear your artwork with pride

    As well as being fully adjustable, comfortably cushioned and conveniently kid-sized, MyPhones are customisable. Simply pop off the transparent can covers and play switcheroo with the interchangeable decorative inserts. Each MyPhones package comes with three colourful designs and five blank inserts so kids can create their own patterns. The packaging even doubles up as a carry case.

    If you’ve got kids you’ll know what a pain it can be finding headphones that fit the titchy-headed little blighters, let alone ones that limit the volume, so MyPhones are just the ticket. Use them with portable DVD players, MP3/CD players and even iPhones.

    MyPhones with Panda design

    The 3 different designs

    Comes with 3 different designs

    MyPhones have been a huge hit with kids at the Firebox creche, and parents here agree that anything capable of limiting the volume of the Lazytown album can only be a good thing. After all, you can’t always control what kids listen to, but at least you know they won’t be damaging their lugholes in the process. WE SAID, AT LEAST…
    Decibel chart

    Sound is capped at 85 decibels for kids.

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