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MyMini Golf Set
  • MyMini Golf Set

MyMini Golf Set

What, no windmill?

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    Fun for the whole family

    Mini golf has always been more of a giggle than real golf. Okay, so it lacks the greenery, scenery, bunkers and blinkin’ great fairways of the grown-up game but in terms of family fun it’s unbeatable. So wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the unpredictability of proper golf with the silliness of mini golf? You can with the MyMini Golf Set.

    This 9-hole knockabout set lets you conduct your very own crazy golf tournaments anywhere you fancy. Simply arrange the 13 injection-moulded ABS plastic obstacles (robust and unaffected by U.V.) in your favourite configuration and Tiger’s your uncle (a genuine possibility judging by his shameful shenanigans). You even get a steel mini golf club, 2 balls, a scoring pad and nylon carry bag.


    Setup indoors or outdoors

    Once you start knocking your balls through those spirals, loop-the-loops, curves and humpback bridges you’ll wonder why you ever put up with bamboo sticks and paper cups. Better still the ability to set up on grass and other uneven surfaces adds a random element that smooth concrete simply can’t compete with.

    Admittedly MyMini Golf lacks the gaping clowns’ mouths and whimsical windmills found at fixed courses but it’s hideously addictive and you won’t need to visit some dilapidated seaside resort to enjoy your ball-putting fix. It’s perfect for park play-offs, back garden knockabouts and intra-office tournaments. You can even scatter a few horizontal human obstacles around your custom course. ‘Eek, sorry boss, best keep your legs closed next time.’ Hole in one!

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